The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation

The second significant document to emerge from the Council was the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (in Latin, Dei Verbum).

This was a strong document stating that the Church moves forward in time, developing a deeper understanding of what is handed down about the Reign of God and always finding new ways of expressing that reality. The Council Fathers approved the document on Nov. 18, 1965, by a vote of 2,344 to 6. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Bible is the foundation of divine revelation. Tradition and Scripture are not of equal importance. Tradition must always be founded on Scripture.
  • Doctrine and dogma are expressed in different words for different generations, but eternal truths do not change.
  • Dated routine changes, but authentic tradition remains always with us.
  • Our response to God’s revelation is faith. Through faith, we entrust our whole selves to God. This faith is handed on to all generations through living traditions. It is held in sacred deposit through the official teaching office of the Church.