17 April 2018

SIAP MEETING MINUTES                17 April 2018 Carlyle

Members Present: Barbier, Blaes, Fellner, Grogan, Humphrey, Kleba, Mauck, Middeke, Rowe, Voelker

Approval of Minutes of Past Meeting: (02/20/18 – Paderborn)  Accepted as presented.

Approval of Financial Report: (First Quarter 2018) Accepted as presented. 5 year CD liquidated. Penalty of $93.26. Anticipate bequest of $17K from Lenzini estate, along with $2.6K gift for F&F dinner.    

SIAP WEBSITE:   Almost everyone has visited site (www.siaponline.org).     

Jon received one negative comment in regard to statement on gun control. General consensus was that it should be printed as a “comment” directly following the individual statement. Also felt that minutes of meetings and and financial statements should be available to all who visit website. Membership list should also be available, but only after each member has opportunity to decline inclusion. The only thing to have “password” privilege would be dues status and matters of a personal nature that are internal and private to members alone. We are grateful to Jon for his work. Send him a note directly (jongarinn@gmail.com) if you have any suggestions.

Statement on gun control: Gun control statement was sent to: St Louis Post-Dispatch, Belleville News Democrat, The Southern Illinoisan, The Messenger, the St Louis Review and National Catholic Reporter.  It was sent as “letter to the editor” with permission to use as “op-ed”.  It was published as “letter to editor” in BND and Southern Illinoisan. Editor of The Messenger indicated he would like to publish it, but was given a directive not to ever publish anything from SIAP ( even paid ads).

National Leadership: Spurred by James Comey’s calling out of Trump to be morally incapable of being president, Voelker advanced the idea that the prophetic role of SIAP ought to be to call out the immorality of the Trump presidency, much the same way that the OT prophets stood up to the immorality of their kings.  Jim volunteered to draft a statement for us to consider.

F&F Dinner: IXTHUS nominee chosen: Jim and Corrine Wright.  Barbier will contact to assure their acceptance. Other arrangements for dinner will be finalized at our June meeting at Ruma.

Retreat – June 4-7, 2018: Presenter will be Bill Schafer. Topic will be “Enneagram: From the Inside Out.” Grogan has secured venue of Ruma Conference Center. Cost will be $200 (or whatever you can afford). All priests of the diocese are invited.  General invitation will not be sent out. So invite those you think may be interested.  Contact

Dougherty (jdougherty38@aol.com) for reservations by May 27 so the nuns will know how many to prepare for.

06/28/18: What are the plans for Episcopal Succession? Are any plans being made – any preparations or consultation – what if it does not happen? Can a core group of respected priests be selected – how many of the original seven would be willing to speak up again or be willing to plan for Episcopal succession? If statistics are correct, our small diocese has lost over 50,000 members in the past ten years.

2018 Dues: 2018 dues are due, if you are able. Humphrey will accept your $75.

Next Meeting: Ruma – June 5, 2018

We thank our host, George, Marian and Tina, for the hospitality

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ed barbier

2018 Calender

06/04-07/18 12:00 PM Retreat Ruma

09/11/18  2:00 PM Meeting Hincke

10/21/18  3:00 PM Family and Friends Paderborn


11/20/18  2:00 PM Meeting Hincke